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ucresources authorWanda L. Shank is a well-known blogger from the USA. She is an internationally acclaimed writer and blogger. Her expertise lies in financial topics such as stocks, IRA, and Bitcoin. She got her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Yale University. As digital trading is being adopted globally, she was also curious about what exactly is it?
Initially, she started it just as a google search to know tidbits about online trading. Later she got so indulged in the process that she consumed all her free time learning online trading and its strategies.

When she was sure about her knowledge of online trades, she started her first trade through a custodial account. And to her surprise, she was successful in it in fewer months. Now, she is earning around six figures a month through digital trades.
Through this blog, she has a mission aimed at providing women with much-needed financial guidance and support. She does this through her completely free resources including personal finance courses, one-on-one mentor calls, articles, audio, and video content, an incredibly supportive community, and more. Through this blog, she would be sharing her experience and tricks to get success in online trading such as stocks, IRA, and Bitcoin.