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Considering the unpredictable nature of the market, it is always good to opt for stable options that come in handy during times when you need it the most. By evaluating all those forms of criteria, you will understand that Gold & Silver are your two main options.



A unique project that will mark the collaboration of innovation and technology by testing the very source that people consider to be impossible.


A unique project that will mark the collaboration of innovation and technology by testing the very source that people consider to be impossible.


To emerge from problems, one needs to find a solution that is closely related to the source of that very problem. Well, in other words, Copalquin is all you need.

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Understanding the different realms of production and discovering a countless number of opportunities have always been the driving force of UC Resources. With the aim to be the top producer of Gold & Silver, we move ahead to work until we achieve our target.


Sniper Rifle History: Stocks from the 1800s to Covid-19

If well positioned, a single sniper can nail a whole company and force it to drastically slow down its progress if not even to give up. With just one active sniper, the enemy operations slow down because the troops try to stay as much as possible indoors. The threat is invisible and often deadly silent.

The early beginning

The sniper rifle history reflects a real weapon system made up of a single person with a rifle. The use of the sniper as a real weapon in itself dates back to 1798. In England, the royalty gave the order of forming the first regiment of new-concept riflemen, which became operational four years later.

After the experience gained during the American War of Independence and also of other conflicts in American territory fought against France, the British were the first to understand the strategic importance of this new way of waging war. By adopting tactics that we would call guerrilla today, the various American scouts armed with the first rifles were able to inflict heavy losses on British officers.

The Napoleonic Wars

The Napoleonic Wars were the first test for this new army specialty. Only with the use of modern tactics, and above all thanks to the technological advances made by the manufacturers of weapons, their use subsequently grew. During the Crimean War, for the first time, soldiers had to change strategy. They went from the head-on collision of well-framed formations in the open field to the trench warfare with long-distance shots.

In this conflict, there was the beautiful, epic, useless, and disastrous cavalry charge in Balaclava. About six hundred British cavalrymen attacked the Russian positions. The Russian entrenched themselves and attacked with various pieces of artillery. It was a massacre of men and horses, a tactical madness (as reviewed by thegunsource), that the military tacticians still remember today. The trench game was different and insidious.

After the American Civil War onwards

The American Civil War and the two World Wars marked the peak of application throughout the sniper rifle history.

During the Second World War, generals selected snipers for tactics that the military still uses today. Usually, two people make up a sniper team: a shooter, and an onlooker. Often, they move in hostile territory.

Their goal is to provide cover for the advance of the troops, flank, or rear guards. More commonly, they aim to shoot down precise enemies in the most vital hubs. In simple terms, they go where there is a high concentration of enemy troops or an entire command.

The Germans used bolt-action rifles. In 1936, the Americans used the M1 Garand, one of the first semi-automatic rifles. The evolution of sniper rifle models has never ceased and continues today.

For example, after the Vietnam War, from the M40 A1 model, the current M40A3 was replaced, substituting the original wooden stock with a fiberglass one and the Redfield 3-9×40 rifle scope with the Unertl MST-100 10×42.

All changes aim to improve the performance or adaptability of a weapon to a particular type of terrain or military strategy. The sniper rifle history catalogs thousands of modifications and improvements.

Silver Stocks

Top Reasons to Own Gold and Silver Stocks

The stock market is known for its long term effects that have been favourable for individual investors. Most of them tend to settle down for the market once they have all about the various aspects that drive the same. While hearing the most successful stocks, it is inevitable not to hear about gold and silver stocks. Historically, these stocks have backed up people during times of uncertainty and continues to do so. Thus, there are over a dozen reasons to invest in the gold and silver stocks. Want to hear a few more? Well, go ahead and read them out.


1. Safe-Haven

The term ‘safe-haven’ has always been used to describe gold and silver stocks. This particular terminology fits the bill perfectly thanks to the performance of these stocks. Over the years, these stocks have protected investors from various aspects of uncertainty, like when the stock market is having a rough day or miscalculations in the minds of investors, etc. Due to all that, it is also important to note that the value of gold and silver stocks have even gone up by 30% and 38% respectively. Hence, these stocks are indeed a safe-haven for investors.


2. Economic Prospects

The economy relies on certain aspects to function ahead and make matters count. At times, these so-called aspects may not click and will let you out during difficult times. For example, at one point of time, investors were worried about Japan’s and Europe’s economic prospects that they were willing to pay more than the face value of bonds just so that they can protect their money. But things didn’t work out for the best since the idea of losing 0.5% annually isn’t something that can make investors happy. So once again, gold and silver made headlines.

Stocks Market

3. Improved Financials

Although gold and silver do not hold ground in terms of yield, they do respond accurately towards investors. The improved financials and operating performance of these stocks are different from what was prevalent in the industry around six years ago. Over the years, major gold players have entered the market and changed the entire outlook of this segment. With prudent spending habits also coming into the picture, things went ahead to be a lot interesting.



The exciting world of metal stocks always ensures to end with a bang and help investors to the right extent. While one may quote yield and other aspects to be a drawback, gold players have come forward to take things in a different direction. With this hope in hand, major companies like SSR Mining and First Majestic Silver turned out to be market attractions. Since the market has never been short of companies, you may never know who might come up tomorrow.


Biggest Silver Mines

The World’s Biggest Silver Mines

One need not go on ranting about the uses of silver reserves and mines since that chapter is quite clear. So to make things interesting, it will be cool to look into the world’s biggest silver mines. Yes, that’s right. Capturing and learning more about these mines will help in establishing a brief idea about production and various other aspects that revolve around the same. So brace yourselves and get ready because here are the world’s biggest silver mines.


1. Saucito

Fresnillo’s Saucito silver mine made headlines after producing around 22 million ounces of silver back in the year 2016. With that, it became the largest silver operating in the world. But full-year production decreased marginally due to expected return to normal ore grades soon after mining the extraordinarily high-grade ore from the mesquite vein. As a result, the high-grade development ore was exhausted.


2. Escobal

Approximately 40 km southwest of Guatemala City, lies the world’s second-largest silver mine, Escobal. With underground long-hole stoping methods and processing through differential flotation, the place produces metal-rich lead and zinc concentrates. As a result, it went on to record around 21.2 million ounces of silver beating its previous records.


3. Dukat

Dukat silver mine is considered to be one of polymetal’s first and original assets. Its production stands to be the largest silver operation in Russia and thus, turned out to be Polymetal’s flagship enterprise. But things went the opposite direction when its silver output dropped by nearly 12%. Over the years, they have been trying to regain balance and set things straight.


4. Cannington

Cannington silver-lead-zinc-mine is located in north-west Queensland and was once an undisputed leader in silver production. They broke records when they produced around 44 million ounces of silver back in 2005. But through the course of years, Cannington significantly lost its title and now produces approximately 18.24 million ounces. Hence, one can only wait and see whether things will change in the near future.


5. Antamina


Antamina is another silver-lead operation that is located in the Andes mountains 270 kilometres north of Lima, Peru. The place is owned by BHP Billiton, Mitsubishi Corporation, Glencore and Teck. A 302-kilometre slurry concentrate pipeline is what transports copper and zinc concentrate to the port for shipment to smelters and refineries worldwide.


6. Penasquito

Goldcorp-s Penasquito Polymetallic mine is currently Mexico’s largest gold producer and was once the world’s largest. The open-pit mine carries the process forward through flotation and grinding. Although their production was blooming, operational challenges came along and took Penasquito’s number one spot. In terms of output, it suffered a significant blow and witnessed a 31% drop that did the job in bringing it to the sixth spot.



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