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Millions of potential Business Owners don’t reach for the brass ring because they don’t think they can. They self select themselves out of the process before they give themselves a chance. This occurs do to an “incredible level” of misconception about the process.

Some people believe that you need to shell out a prohibitively large amount of money to get started. Some say owning a business requires more  time and energy that they just don’t have right now or that they are to old or to young to start such a venture. Others believe you have to “sell” or be a salesperson. Some believe they don’t have the experience, knowledge or education and believe you must have a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Nothing could be further from the TRUTH. So lets put these MYTHS to rest right hear and now!


Everybody can always find the money to do the things they want to or to handle an emergency. Usually its not about money but about not having enough belief in in their ability to be successful in owning a business to rearrange their financial priorities. Today most legitimate eBusiness opportunities will provide an easy and simple entry level at a cost below $100 or FREE. Some will even provide a test drive to let you get a feel for the business before you decide.  And others may even provide you with free support and training materials to get you started without spending a dime!



Again, its about priorities. Most people will make the time to do something when it is important to them. Usually its about not being convinced that this opportunity is worth their time or that the reward isn’t big enough. In fact most legitimate eBusiness opportunities will have a support system that will help them leverage their time by sharing the load. The whole idea is to help them work their way out of work. Time is the same for everyone, they all only have 24 hours. Its what they decide to do with those 24 hours that makes the all difference. And teaming up with others to leverage their time can have stunning effects. For example, suppose they teamed up with three or four others and each person puts in 1 hour a day. That’s 1 hour for yourself and 3-4 hours for the others giving a total of 4-5 hours a day or about 25 hours a week of total man-hours. You put in 5 hours a week and its leveraged to be 5 times that each week! Think about this for a moment. If you you had 10 people that would be the same as 55 hours a week and you only put in 5. WOW!


The fact is much of what people do day-to-day is selling. They just don’t get paid for it! For example, they go to a movie and really like it. They then go home and tell all their friends about it. Those friends in turn go to the movie and then tell their friends and so on and so on.  The movie and the movie theater are rolling in the money with little advertising on their part. I remember when “Titanic” hit the theaters a few years ago. I didn’t hear much about the movie or see allot of advertising for it. But some friends went to see it and told us it was fantastic. We then decide to see it and loved it and told others about it. I recall we were in a restaurant after the movie and the waiters and waitresses were all abuzz about the movie because everyone coming in had seen it and said it was a great movie. It’s not surprising that at the time “Titanic” became the biggest grossing movie of all time and nearly swept all of the Academy Awards! Understand that what everyone is doing is “selling” the movie or restaurant or product or whatever based on their recommendation or referral.  The difference in owning your own eBusiness is that you get PAID for your recommendations.


Most people are already doing eighty percent of what it takes to be successful. They don’t realize it but their day-to-day activities probably take more skill, patience and understanding then running an eBusiness. Additionally, as mentioned above, they are all talking to family and friends making thousands of recommendations. Usually a legitimate eBusiness will provide them with all the necessary support and training required to be successful. Working as a team helps those just starting learn from those who are already successful. This is obvious when you consider how these have been used in the past.  The newbie’s don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get started. And being a member of a team allows all team members to learn from each other because not everyone has the same personality or skills. The key to success here is to have a teachable spirit.  We all have the capacity to learn more than what we already know.


A man was wandering around bumping into people and various objects around him  crying out, “Help me, I cant see”. Those around him tried to assist but nothing seemed to work. Then a little boy appeared and looked up at the man, and with a puzzled look on his face the boy said to the man, ” Why don’t you just open your eyes”? The man replied, “But I cant open my eyes, I don’t know how”. The boy scratched us head and said, “You don’t know how to open your eyes”? “That’s right”, said the man. “Hmm”, said the boy, I can show you how to open your eyes if you like, but you must be willing to learn”. “Why yes said the man, I have not been able to see for a very long time and it sure would be nice to see the sun and the blue sky again”. “Ok”, said the boy, “Please bend down here so I can look at you better”.  The man did as the boy asked and then the boy took the mans hand and put it on the mans eyelid and proceeded to show the man how to hold and open his eyelid. “Amazing”, “I can see”, said the man.  And then, quite unexpectedly, the man realized that everyone else around him other than the boy and himself had their eyes closed. Then with a sigh the boy said, “Hey Dad, I ‘m hungry, can you help mom open her eyes so we can get something to eat”.


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