How much is the online gaming market worth?

Even after the number of applications available on the play store for the gaming people still, like to go for the online gaming due to few games which are not available to download for your phone.

From the last few years, the online gaming industry has grown amazingly and you can see that there are a number of games available on the internet due to the people’s demand. Here are some important things that have increased the worth of online gaming industry amazingly.


If you will open some site or the servers which are providing a lot of games to the audience like Los Juegos Friv, you’ll see that there is a large number of audience who have liked the games and demanded the new ones.

After watching an increase in the demand of people there are many people who’ve jumped into this business and started providing online games to new users. The reason due to which this market has grown surprisingly is the unlimited amount of games that users can play without any problem.


If you estimate the online market business according to the Chinese giants, you’ll find that about $35.2 billion came from the mobile gaming. This means that there is a huge number of people who want to play online games.

In total, online mobile gaming generates about 43 billion dollars. This is a major business from the gaming industry and it means people are still attracted towards the online gaming because they have more range of games there.


As compared to the online games it has been seen that downloaded games have less business. Downloaded games are not providing much profit to the industry and it’s decreasing since 2015 due to the wide range of online games.

If you compare the percentage, then it’s clear that the download games are 30% down this year and people are downloading less on their phones and PC. They like to save the storage therefore, they prefer playing online games.


It has been found that the global game market is getting strong with the online games due to the increasing demand of people. You can see that most of the games that are available for download can also be played online as well.

They are providing an option of making the game pause in the middle and player can continue it again whenever they want to. Different online game websites are providing registration option to the players where they can make their account.

After creating an account they can start playing games and they can save multiple games in the account as well to play later. This is the reason why people like to play online games globally as compared to the downloading.

In few cases, it may happen that online site is not working due to the maintenance but it gets fixed.

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